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dancing-goldenflamesarchive sent: This is a early Munday question- and you don't have to answer if you don't want to- but I'm curious why you find Sonadow to be your OTP.


I’m not very good at articulating these things, but here we go.

It’s my OTP because I love them together, whether as rivals, friends or an eventual couple. They challenge each other, they try to one-up each other and yet they can still have meaningful moments together. Shadow, I believe, needs someone to be that light to balance his dark. Someone that can remind him the past is the past and that he’s a hero now. Someone that reminds him his scars don’t matter to them because they care for him the way he is. 

I think Sonic could be that person. They wouldn’t be perfect, they’d fight, their stubborn prides would sometimes get in the way, but that’s okay. No relationship is perfect. Trying to make one so isn’t realistic. I think, by the end of it, they’d still care about each other enough to swallow that pride and find some way to apologize and move on. 

Shadow is very closed off and afraid of letting himself get that close to someone again. The person would have to be persistent, patient and, while Sonic isn’t the most patient person out there, I think he could be able to work his way in to the point where Shadow wouldn’t be quite sure what happened, but he’d find himself okay with it.

Alongside that, Shadow could be the person to keep Sonic grounded. He’s a hyper little hedgehog who’s always on the move and Shadow could keep up with him. Shadow could keep him in check. Shadow, once he’s comfortable, could be a gradually affectionate lover to him. It’s easier for Sonic to outwardly care than Shadow and, if he wanted him that badly, I think he’d slow down just enough for him to catch up to that himself.

I just

OTP, man. OTP. <3